Goodbye to online distribution and in store POSA projects that takes months or years to build - with ALSO digital publishers and retailers have a fast route to customers, without the headache or cost of building their own e-retail and POSA infrastructure.


Point Of Sale Activation

ALSO digital POSA services expand the commercial possibilities and eliminate the operational, and technical hassles of the global Point of Sale Activation (POSA) business. Retailers and vendors can start offering games and software in boxed format within weeks with all the advantages of POSA


Electronic Software Distribution

Content providers are racing to make their goods available on-line to take advantage of the huge e-retail market, but the reality is that building the front and back-end systems takes a lot of time, money and know-how. Enter ALSO digital, with its e-distribution infrastructure, which takes all the hard work out of publishing and selling on-line. With ALSO digital companies can become e-retailers in less than a week.

Zero inventory value
Zero carrying costs
Zero shrinkage
No credits
No ordering
No returns

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